Woodchip Ireland






Cozy Cattle Bedding is made from Grade A Dry Woodchip which undergoes a stringent cleaning and production process to produce a clean, safe and soft bedding for your cattle to bed down on.



Using woodchip bedding for animals has many benefits, including:

Provides a soft and insulating surface which absorbs manure and moisture.
Cattle bedded on woodchip have a warm, comfortable bed which remains dry on the surface in the worst of conditions
Wood is a good insulator and thermal store
Competitiveness on price and performance compared to alternative bedding
Lower day-to-day maintenance costs
Major Labour & Time Savings on bedding etc
Easy spreading
Low dust content.
Easy maintenance.
Free Draining
Is designed specifically for dairy cattle
Low moisture content (Timber derived from Kiln dried timbers)
Does not freeze

Product Variations

We can size chip to customers requirements Delivery / Collection Options
We can Deliver in quantities from 1.5 cubic yard FIBC Bags to Bulk Deliveries of 120 cubic yard Walking Floor Artic trailers
Collections at our facility are also an option and speedy loading is guaranteed.


CONTACT - Tel: 025-31055


Wood Chip Ireland

Woodchip Ireland




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